Monday, January 07, 2008

The Art of Self Coaching

Every year shortly after Christmas thousands of amateur cyclists dust off their indoor trainers, pump up their tires and begin preparing for Spring. Some take a highly structured approach to building fitness by hiring a coach while others just pedal till they sweat or get bored. I am not arguing either way but I find myself somewhere in the middle.

There are many resources and case studies proving success of periodization but it is a very complex idea. Base miles, build, race, peak, hours, volume, exertion, threshold and heart rate all factor into the equation.

I am not going to pretend to be an expert on the subject but will recommend some people who are:

Thomas Chapple “Base Building for Cyclists”

I have read this book twice and put the sample training plans to work last year for an injury free season and no burn out.

Joe Friel “The Mountain Biker’s Training Bible”

I have a special spot for this book on my night stand. I refer back to it regularly for ideas on recovery, workouts and ways to get fast quick.

Joe Friel “Total Heart Rate Training”

Chapple and Friel’s Bible get into heart rate zones but do not explain the science behind it. This book gives you a better understanding of your engine.

Steps towards planning your season:

  1. Pick a Goal: Do you want to gain fitness, ride 100 miles or become a better climber.
  2. Research Research Research: Buy some books, search the web and gain a better understanding of how your body works, responds to stress and gains fitness.
  3. Set up a plan. I use a desk calendar to lay out my season and workouts well in advance. It gives me something to refer back to and helps me stay disciplined.
  4. Do not consider Dan Frayer an adequate source of information regarding anything. He is not a professional, a scientist or a certified cycling coach.

Awaiting some trick Carbon and various goodies from SRAM

Maybe some One Gear Adventures in 08

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Steve Kinley said...

Joe Friel “The Mountain Biker’s Training Bible”
I have a special spot for this book on my night stand.

I thought maybe there was a section in there on another type of cross training ;-)