Friday, January 25, 2008

Good vs. Evil

I cannot promise better results in the spring and I certainly cannot guarantee good fitness. There are three things I can promise if you choose to ride outside instead of watching Family Guy DVDs over and over again while riding in place.

  1. People will find you more attractive
  2. You will enjoy life during the winter
  3. You will not cause as many crashes in the early spring races.

I am not saying all people who ride trainers have come under the devil’s influence. I am saying that your cycling soul does not appreciate such practices. I am saying riding a trainer is boring. I am saying that riding in the winter is hard core.

I am also not trying to open the huge can of religious worms. I will leave those questions and theories up to my panel of spiritual advisers.

The Rig is set up for the Snow Cross Race on Saturday. I am running fat tires, 29 in. hoops and a 32x17

If you have time check out my new You Tube videos to the right and please donate.

Love dan

1 comment:

cjs said...

Right on! The trainer is the tool of the devil!

I have been riding every Tuesday and Friday outside on the studded cross bike.

Just say no to the indoor devil!

I just hope it pays off for Cohutta?