Monday, January 28, 2008

The Quest For Speed: Toe Spikes Optional

I made the drive to my old stomping grounds for the Kiss Cross Versluis Snow Cross. It was great to see the the Founders Crew and rub elbows with former teammates from back in the day.

The course was snowy on the hills, tricky on the flats and icy in the corners. I was able to finish a few riders up from the bottom in the A class and it reminded me how much mid-westerners love their cyclo-cross and how much I suck at it.

How the Pros Train: A delicate balance of Zone CP30 maintenance, pizza and guitar hero. Breakaway Bicycle Stars Bill G, Dan A, and Jeff C.

There was too much snow to ride at Fort Custer on Sunday so Bill G. and I followed snow mobiles around the rec area until our toes got cold.

love dan

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Soupy said...

Look, Ma, I'm a Rockstar!!

yer linked now too... Good meetin' ya!