Saturday, April 05, 2008

God, Guns and Rock and Roll

Several things happened this past week:
  1. I went to see Ted Nugent speak on the Campus of Western Michigan University. He talked about God, Guns, and Rock and Roll. I am a fan of one so it was money well spent. Cost of Admission: $0
  2. First Mtn. Bike ride of 08. Bill "the 29er Fan" Gallagher let me chase him around for a couple laps before packing it in just in time for Holly's famous vegetarian pizza.
  3. Spring Sprang Sprung

Countdown to Cohutta: 16 Days
Countdown to the Kalamazoo Trail Movement Meeting at Bells: 2 Days
Countdown to Dan's Used Bike Garage Blowout Sale: 4 Days

Cold Wet Cobblestone Hill Work on Maple Street. It does not look steep but it puts the screws to ya.

I have been promising my official run down on the Autism partnership. If you have not heard about the neurological disorder effecting one in every 160 children you need to turn on the TV, internet, Radio or open a newspaper. There is a case going on as we speak regarding vaccinations that may cause it.
Here is some basic info to get you started
I have a couple charity events in the making and will be taking photographs at local races and selling them for the cause.

for all those racer heads out there, Milk Jug Racing is in full effect

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the original big ring said...

i know a thing or two about Autism - full time spec ed teacher of kids in gr 3/4 who have emotional, behavioral and social challenges. Cool that you're involved. My nephew is also autistic.