Friday, April 11, 2008

Tune Ups for Autism

Nothing gets me more stoked to ride than a new trail. Yesterday Jeff, Chuck and I made the trip to Ann Arbor to cruise a loop of Poto and over the East Side for some Pontiac Lake Action. Poto flowed like single track should flow, rewarded our climbs with fast down hills and offered some unique characteristics. I give it two thumbs up. Pontiac Lake was your typical East Side metro park course. It was smooth as glass most of the way with scattered rocks. It had the signature switchback, tighter than Bloomer and followed by a steep climb. Cool trails, zero crashes and great mexican food.

Dans used Bike Garage is in full swing with a big auction on EBAY
Here is your chance to buy some one of a kind Danielle Musto ridden parts

I have been turning wrenches on buddies bikes for the past couple weeks and Holly suggested I collect funds for Autism Research instead of beer. If anyone in the k-zoo area needs some work done on their machine drop me a line. I will get it turned around in a couple of days.

The next couple weeks will be hectic with final exams, a Saul Williams concert and my trip to Cohutta. I will be back with a race report and pics

love dan

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jill said...

Poto is definitely one of the best trails in Michigan. (Of course Yankee will always be my favorite.)

Good luck at Cohutta!