Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Fort Custer Stampede 2008

Cross Country Racing is a Love Hate Thing. I love the pain, tacky turns, fast pace and how it forces you take risks. I Hate that it is so short.

Right from the gun Captain Adam "the shocker" York and Team Fast set the pace and strung out the field like string cheese. I kept contact for the first mile before settling in with a compfy group of single track all stars. The rest of the 3 lap event was a blend of steep short kicker climbs, quick turns, heavy mouth breathing and brain rattling rigid fork madness.

After the final creek crossing on the last lap I was pulling a fellow age grouper and a 50 year old with asthma. He sounded rough but pulled around with some speed anyway. Together we reeled in one more guy before the finish putting me in 9th place with a time of 1:59

I hung out for most of the afternoon taking pictures and chillin with the Team Active crew. They gave away free hot dogs, gift cards and advice on how to be faster than fast.

All the photos from the sport and beginner classes are in my photo dump linked to the right. If you use them for print or web purposes kindly donate what you think they are worth to Autism

The next stop for the traveling circus is the Mohican 100


Steve Kinley said...

See you at Mohican. They have a differnt start this year from in town but we still end up back at Nuhop.

jill said...

check it!