Friday, May 02, 2008

Count Down to the Fort Custer Stampede

Lots of buzz surrounding this weekend's cross country race at Fort Custer. The season opener at Yankee Springs brought the whiners and complainers out of the woodwork when the promoter decided to switch the trail direction the night before the race. Everyone is on the edge of their seats.

Here is my countdown to the event and happenings since Cohutta.
#6: A prophet sent me this rigid fork. I am hoping it sends me up the kickers quicker but does not rattle my smarts within my skull.

#5: Holly bought me a new training tool in celebration of number 4.......

#4: DEANS LIST!!!!!!!!!!!! This past semester was the 2nd most difficult of my academic career. The hard work was worth it when my report card read 3.7 overall GPA.

#3: Holly's new Whip. She ordered the Trek 6700 for fit, disc brakes and a great component spec. Watch out for her shredding on the trails.

#2 New Home Trail. I have always considered Pando and Ionia Rec Area as my home trails due to the number of laps and level of confidence in the singletrack. I have decided to make fort custer my trail based on the following Criteria
-Blood Shed: My blood has mixed with its mud on more than one occasion
-Racing: I tend to fare well on this course
-Spending the Night Together: Once you sleep on a trail, you have become one. Holly, the dogs and I camped last weekend and I felt a connection with the trees, dirt and rocks. The Oberon and Smores helped.

#1: Josh Tarrant took a nasty spill last week. Send him your get well thoughts and tell him to update his blog.


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