Sunday, September 28, 2008

Dunes Duo

Not much time to discuss the weekend happenings. Interbike just ended and the internet is flooded with pics, speculations and other time wasting materials.

Race Report:
I was sweating the run. 5 miles through sandy trail was not my idea of a walk in the park. I warmed up well using my wife's advice (way more run race experience) and felt good through the singletrack and hills. I came into the transition having run 8 min. miles (faster than the PCOC strut) and ready to get on the bike.

I pushed the tall gears but didn't have the legs. Either I wasted them on the run or from all the miles I have been logging in preparation for the Ice Man. I pulled back a dozen or so racers but the last group hung out in front of in slow motion but I just could not pull them in.

I am still waiting for race results to be posted. Holly counted me in at about 35th out of 100 plus. A great day for racing and an awesome low key event. I will be back next year.

Now it is time to put the resume together and start thinking about Ice Ice Baby.

love dan

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