Sunday, September 21, 2008

PCOC Strut Race Report

The Goal: Beat my 5 K personal record by 2 minutes
How it went down:
I lined up at 8 Am, scrolled through my Ipod to find my go fast play list and before hitting play I asked the promoter "do you want the 5K runners and 10K runners together?" He promptly replied: "The 5K does not start for another hour." I was warmed up and ready to go and decided to make a go of it. It wasn't until I was a half mile in and did the math that I realized that a 10K was actually 2 5ks put together, 3.1 miles multiplied by two. Double the running distance. Double the sweat and double the mental anguish. 6 Miles, not 3

I ran on cruise control for the first 4 miles, tried putting the hammer down for the 5th then pain and self doubt crept in for the final leg of the race, putting me in 14th place just under an hour.

Should I buy a Ferrous?

Check out Dan's used bike warehouse, there is a new round of goodies.

love dan

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