Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Prairie View Triathlon Race Report

Swim Goal: As always, not drown.

Three Disciplines had us start in armpit deep water for the 500 meter swim. The buoys did not appear to be mile markers like they did during Tri Del Sol and I knew my confidence had increased. I had spent the weeks previous watching Mr. Phelps on NBC and looking forward to imitating his flawless kick and glide. The gun went off and I focused my energy and imagined myself like a speedboat. Forward motion, no stopping, powerful enough to pull someone on water skis. Captain Kevin, my sprint distance accomplice started next to me. After one stroke he was out of site and on his way to win the swim split for his age group. He was the speedboat; I was the pontoon who feared sea weed and needed a tune up.

I reached the beach in 14 minutes and some change which was a solid 8 minutes faster than last time. I knew I did well when my wife was surprised to see me running up the grass hill so soon. I pealed off my swim cap and goggles and started preparing for a quick transition. I was clumsy putting on my shoes, I squirted Espresso love gu on my chin and couldn’t get my jersey on. I managed to pull it half way over my torso and gave up as I straddled tropic thunder. I will have pictures of my black on black halter top in a week but just picture a tall lanky floozy showing off the goods. It came down above my chest and that was it. No time for fiddle farting, I needed to catch Kevin on the bike.

Bike Goal: Win the Split

I tossed it into the dog, lowered into the aero bars and started wheezing. The 12 mile course was level and smooth with only right turns. I rolled up next to Kevin, offered him a groan of encouragement and pressed on to make up time. He was hooting and hollering which gave me the extra boost to turn one gear taller all the way to the finish.

I swayed to the right and left of many talented swimmers on my way to the finishing shoot, still wearing my black halter top. Only 5 seconds separated the top three bike splits. 33 flat, 33:03 and Dan Frayer at 33:05. Those five seconds will serve as winter training motivation.

Run Goal: PR of sub 24

I dismounted like a nervous cyclocross racer nearly busting my chops through the transition area to the dreaded 5K run. 5 kilometers, 3.1 miles, a few thousand uncoordinated gallops. I wanted to beat my personal record so bad I could taste it. It was a trail run which I prefer and I had a huge cheering section supporting me. Holly, my folks, mother and father in law, my buddy Ryan and nephews all made the trip. Every time I considered settling in and finishing easy I thought about their cheers. I pushed on over the roots, cedar chips, ruts and hills. I rounded the finishing straight with some kick left and picked up the tempo. There was a young gun closing in quick so I picked up my stride and buried myself in pain. He was much quicker and dusted me at the finish. 25 minutes and some change, which was good for 27th overall and 2nd place in my age group. This was the first podium of 2008 and I could not have done it without the support of my wife, family, swim instructor Kevin and sponsors.

Love dan


the original big ring said...


i sink like a stone

and run like a stone

hence, i bike

cjs said...

I would join you in some run/swim foolery, but this giraffe does not run or swim. Hence the passion for the MTB.

Awesome result! Podiums are the best finishes.


CBD said...

Rock on with some brand new components.

I like the race report - you get the feeling of the excitement.