Sunday, November 09, 2008

2008 Ice Man Race Report

2008 Ice Man Race Report

A Fictional Account

I woke up to a snowy Sunday sunrise on a beach in Traverse City with a belly full of ale, sore quads and Bells Brewery stickers covering my body. Here is my recollection of the events leading up to the sand between my toes, in my mouth and behind my ears.

  1. The Ice Man counting down from ten
  2. Big Ring Raging
  3. Sucking wheels with sweet Vasa Single-track sand flying into my mouth that was gaping open in severe oxygen deprivation
  4. Feeling intimidated by Travis Brown’s beard
  5. Screaming until my throat was sore for the Orbitsuns playing a Willie Nelson cover, Johnny D. squeaking into the top ten in the pro race, Joe K. taking the W in the old guy single speed class and Jason I. throwing down something special for his first ice man.
  6. 27 miles up, down, below, between and through all sorts of calf burny eyes blurry lung busting pain
  7. Capturing over 1K photos to benefit Autism (thanks tyler)
  8. watching Jeremiah Bishop throw down some kind of power then recognizing him later in the evening and spanking his butt out of respect for said riding abilities
  9. A mix of a smoke machine, Friends, dancing, a guerilla suit, oatmeal crème pies and weirdoes with pony tails.

Official Race Report

I rode smart with a conservative start and picked great lines throughout the race. In true Dan Frayer fashion I popped five miles from the banner but still managed a finish in 1:52, 14 minutes faster than 2007. It was a great end to the 2008 Traveling Circus. A very special thanks and blog-hug to my supporters.

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the original big ring said...

Did you say Big Ring Racing?

No, wait . . . oh, big ring RAGING!

Very nice indeed. Well done Dan-o to shave that much time off last year's race.


andy said...

sweet pic of bill in the woods!