Sunday, February 22, 2009

No race reports today, just ramblings of the upmost importance. Advice, real life experience and a pledge to inspire and motivate. Today’s lesson: I know washing dishes is important but it is just easier to throw them away.

Now a word from our sponsors:

Park Tools
The manuals have arrived.

I was always a fan of the Tifosi slip. Light, interchangeable lenses and durable. They came out with a new style called the Vogel. Single lense, comfortable frame. Light and they make me look like the terminator.
Without fail, every time I deem a sock to be my favorite I lose one. Last seen on my foot during the frost bite 5k.
They speak the truth

Mother nature decided spring has not sprang and dumped some ski ready snow shoe fat tire ready powder. I hope it melts before the Barry Roubaix.

Team Active End of Winter Party and Ice Man Registration FRIDAY NIGHT

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