Sunday, February 15, 2009

We made an unexpected trip to Indianapolis over the weekend so I was unable to motor, jump and slide my pink accented salsa around the Versluis orchard on Saturday.

Instead I spent a great deal of time on cruise control contemplating the end of February, our lack of snow and the approach of the 2009 racing season. Longer miles mean more time to think about my new teaching job, the loss of true bubble gum punk rock and plan my strategy for slaying the glycogen dragon.

I am writing the curriculum for a vocational training program using bicycle repair. I needed something inexspensive, hands on and full of learning potential. Park Tools has already stepped up to the plate to donate manuals. I have been in contact with local shops and suppliers in hopes of nailing down some parts, inner tubes and shop supplies. If anyone has any suggestions I would welcome them with open arms.

Love Dan


Timothy Finkelstein said...


I didn't realize you were a fellow teacher. Check it out, I started a program similar to this last year:

If you want to touch base with me to discuss the program I run just drop me an email.


CBD said...

Love the glycogen dragon graphic. It speaks to me.

What exactly is true bubblegum punk rock? Examples?

the original big ring said...

ask some of your LBshops for mechanics to volunteer some of their time at the school - I'm sure there are a few bike mechanics around with some community service time still owing!

Dan Frayer said...

TIM: Thanks for the info
Charlie: New Found Glory, Blink 182, etc.
Craig: funny you should mention that. i have 2 wrenches needing some time