Saturday, February 07, 2009

A quick recap of the frost-free 5K: I ran hard, breathed harder and crawled hardest. My awkward gallop is slowly evolving to a stride through rigorous stretching routines and you-tube tutorials on cadence, foot strike and how not to get passed by junior high girls (not that they are not fast, I now consider them rivals)

I did not have the juice to hit my PR but turned ran strong, my body reacted well to the torture and I look forward to speed in the spring.

In the Blogosphere News
  1. New Job
  2. Considering the Kiss cross race on V.D. Day
  3. Mother nature is torturing us with warmer temps before she strikes our smitten faces with more zero.
  4. I am just going to type the words Michael Phelps. Enough Said

Love Dan


andy said...

which youtube vids would those be? i don't particularly like running but i think that might be cuz of the way i place my foot down.

the original big ring said...

i'm assuming you got a job at Comstock Northeast Middle School? If so, congrats !

Dan Frayer said...

Andy: you tube and type in running form, lots come up. Avoid anything from germany, they are mostly girls walking on treadmills wearing bikinis.