Sunday, June 07, 2009

Nice Obama Socks

The Northern Indiana Mountain Bike Association
put on a Time Trial Sunday at Dr. TK Lawless Park. My plan was to travel to Grayling and race Hanson Hills and continue my CPS points chase but $3 a gallon makes it difficult to support two dogs on an educator's salary.

Tyler and I opted to make the trip south for some man versus clock twisty single track mayhem. The promoter sent riders off one at a time, with expert/elite riders doing an extra 3 mile section of trail. The wide open extra loop circled cornfields and two track and I took full advantage of my big wheels and chicken legs. I knew I needed to put forth the effort there because once I hit the Lawless tight and twisty root infested trail I would not be able to open things up again.

I entered the singletrack looking over my shoulder for Jeff, who started exactly one minute behind me. I hoped to hold him off for the first 3-4 miles before needing to slide over to let him dust me royally.
After 10 mind bending miles of brake, turn, roots, brake, turn, roots I crossed the line in 8th place expert/elite. Tyler saught redemption after a broken chain at Custer and took it out on the trail finishing in 54 minutes, good for 9th place in his first Mountain Bike Race.
Next stop for the Traveling Circus is a skinny tire ride with my good friend Brian Yost. It is going to be a little longer than most.
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cjsbike said...

Obama socks! Burn them!

I am waiting for the entire Republican Presidential sock collection from Swiftwick!

BTW, Swiftwick socks rule! I have 12 pairs!