Monday, July 12, 2010

8 Days of Canada

We are back from our 7 day tour of the Canadian rockies. Our return feels bitter sweet.

The Sweet: It is always good to return to a routine you are comfy with. Your food, your trails, your dogs etc.

The Bitter: It is tough to leave one of the most beautiful health conscious mountain bike friendly places on earth to a pancake flat paved paradise.
Day 1 Canmore, Alberta: Lots of travel, Big Rock Brew and elevation adjustment.
Day 2 Canmore, Alberta: 18K on the Goat Creek Trail from Canmore to Banff. Rocky ups and downs with Holly holding her own on a rented whip.
Day 3 Jasper, Alberta: We spent the day touring mountain roads, scenic overlooks and glacier melt white water rivers.
Day 4 Field British Columbia: Did you see that bear? Was that a moose? That was the road trip dialogue as we all turned into national geographic animal identifiers.

Day 6 Edmonton Alberta: The Largest Mall in the World. It had a roller coaster, water park, sea lion show and ice skating rink. We spent our day reading and enjoying smoothies.
Day 7 Calgary, Alberta: We spent the day at the Calgary Stampede people watching and trying to determine how one might measure the authenticity of a cowboy.
Day 8: On the Road Home

I now have 3 weeks of racing action before we take it on the road again for our vacation to Europe.

I have a 5K Saturday to benefit shelter dogs then the following weekend I am heading to Midland for the Knucklebuster Off Road Duathlon.

I have decided to call it good on paved triathlons. Since the Torn Shirt, I have put plans in action to simplify my training and racing schedule. I enjoyed my time as a multi faceted triathlete but like the sounds of keeping things dirty for a while.
Stay tuned for my 5K race report.

In the meantime, check out my EBAY listing and one of my favorite sponsors.

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cjsbike said...

Banff, I will be there in 2012 partaking in the Tour Divide.

It is a great place!

See you in the dirt.