Sunday, February 23, 2014

Fun Promotions Fat Bike Series 3 and 4


Brian Yost and Beard Ice
 A "Two for the Price of One" blog post.  Race number 3 in the Michigan Fat Bike Series was hosted by Addison Oaks.  My kind friends Brian and Laura reside on that side of town and they hosted me for a fun weekend.

The race was a cold deep mess.  10 degrees, deep snow and 2 hours of pedaling, pushing and tipping over.  5th Place.

Race number 4 was the following weekend in Saugatuck.  The temps were warmer, but the snow was deeper.  Fun Promotions did what they could with conditions and created a short L shaped course around the parking lot and up the road.  One short climb and two long straight aways.

Big Wheels rolling early on.
All Photos courtesy of Jade Cycles.  Check out their new Boss Fat Bike

The 45 minute race started fast.  I had something to prove after my poor showing at Addison. I tried to stick with the top 4 guys right away.

Jade/Whisper Sponsored rider making his move

My view for the better half of the race

Two Masters rides made an early move that I could not match, so I tried settling in with Matt Smith, pictured above.  He wasn't very interested in having me along for the ride and he took off shortly there after.

I stayed on the gas and kept him in site all while putting time on the chasing group of four riders.

By the end of the 45 minutes, I was toast, but on the podium for the first time in 2014.

It pays to be tall, almost looks like I am on the tall step.
The final race of the series will be this Sunday at Pando.

As always, a very special thanks for the support from Team Active, and WSI Cycling.

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