Saturday, November 15, 2014


Bad Ass Beard Ice after a win at Pando Ski Area

21 total races, 5 podiums and 2 wins.

The season kicked off back in January with a 5 race Michigan Fat Bike Race Series.  Frozen toes, fingers and water bottles were the theme riding slowly and tipping all over Pando, Felt Mansion, Rolling Hills, and Addison Oaks.  I finished the overall series in 2nd place following a close win at the season finale at Pando Ski Area.

WSI Cycling Speed

  I finished the Melting Man, Lowell 50 and Barry Roubaix with grit in my teeth.  The tires were skinny.  The roads were slick.  The beers were cold.  
Yankee was next, followed closely by Fort Custer.  WSI put together a fundraiser for a Youth Cycling Program called “Don’t Stop Fixing.”  Serving free burgers and hot dogs with a smile raised over $250 for the program, funding repair stands, tools and replacement parts for a group of At-Risk youth in Battle Creek.  

Another Multi Sport Event in the Books

Lumberjack was the Lumberjack.  100 miles of rolling hills, roots and suck.  Every finisher was given a stainless pint glass.  I drink from that goblet as if I were the king of all Michigan singletrack.

My 2nd of two wins came in July at the Tri Del Sol Duathlon.  I partnered with my wicked fast running nephew Levi for the relay and we ate the competition’s lunch while they watched.  

Trading shoes for the raging continues

Once August rolled around I started missing my fat bike, so I partnered with my dear friend Brian Yost for the 6 hours of Pando.  This historical Michigan Endurance event holds a very special place in my heart and I was glad to be back.  The equation was simple.  6 hours.  4 mile laps.  2 big dudes.  2 fat bikes.  1.5 hours in and my chainring breaks in half.  This is where things get complicated.  2 big dudes, 3.5 hours of racing left, only one fat bike.  Our relay hand off included a high five and trading shoes before we could continue our March to the podium in the Expert Open duo category.

Running?  Yea, I will admit to it, in certain social circles.  Even the most passionate of competitive cyclists will turn to the dark side from time to time.  After reading Joe DaSenna’s “Spartan Up,” I signed up for an obstacle race in Illinois.  Running, climbing walls, horsing around in the mud and hauling big rocks.  What could be the big deal?  What they don’t tell you is that the mud smells like horse shit.  I tried it.  I put the sticker on my car.  Never again.

A very special thanks to supporters of the Traveling Circus including my wonderfully patient wife Holly, Team Active and the WSI Cycling Team.

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