Monday, April 21, 2008

2008 Cohutta 100 Race Report and Pictures

Short Version

Big Hills,

Sticky Mud,

Sharp Rocks,

Steep Hills, Slipper Mud, Big Rocks,

Winding Hills, Tasty Mud, Flat Rocks

Up the Hills suffering,

down the hills smiling,

up the hills dieing,

down the hills flying

100 miles, 13 thousand feet of climbing, 9 Hours and 41 minutes of saddle time

Long Version

The traveling circus took to the road this weekend for the first NUE Series Hundred Mile Mtn. bike race. The event was held in a small copper mining town called Ducktown, nestled between rolling hills, mtn.s and white water rafting.

I was looking forward to crossing the Mason Dixon once again to ride with the best of the best from all over the country. My only goal was to finish and assess my level of Spring Fitness and I accomplished that and more.

The race started with all star call ups of riders like Chis Eatough, Monique Sawicki, Floyd Landis, Danielle Musto and Harlan Price. It was cool being able to line up big names and watch them ride away on the 3.5 mile paved climb. The course started out with some rain soaked single track. I settled into a good flow behind Lance Pope and Ed Garrison, two good friends from down south. I was stoked with the opportunity to ride trails with these guys and enjoyed the smooth lines they were picking.

The single track dumped us back out near the white water rafting center and the climbing began. The rocks were slick, roots were slicker and bridges were slickest. I focused on a conservative pace and keeping the rubber side down. Many riders went down in the first 20 miles of the race and I wanted to avoid injury and prolong my enjoyment. The technical climbs finally subsided and the fire road revenge began. The climbs went on forever and the descents ended too quickly. The previous night’s rain fall made for gravel roads that were the consistency of well stirred organic peanut butter.

After 70 miles of up and down and up and down, long climbs, short climbs, steep climbs, killer climbs we were back in the single track. My tactic of conserving energy paid off and I had decent legs through the roots, rocks and bench cut trail.

The race ended with a long switch back decent into the parking lot finish. I was glad to see the finish banner and can’t wait for the Mohican 100.

A very special thanks to my 2008 Supporters

  • Holly Scott Racing
  • Tifosi Optics
  • Team Active
  • Bontrager

Weekend Highlights Include:

  • Having dinner with Jason and his family
  • Playing cat and Mouse with Ed Garrison for the 1st 3 hours
  • Mud
  • Eating at the same Mexican restaurant 3 nights in a row
  • Chewing on a Clif Bar while descending at 40 M.P.H
  • Changing Paula’s Tires in exchange for some Dark Horse Crooked Tree I.P.A
  • Rocks
  • Hanging out with the Michigan and Memphis cycling crew
  • Finishing my first century of 08


Robert said...

Nice report dude... My legs were aching a bit just reading that...


Got to love the Piggly Wiggly. Brings back memories of my Florida home town, where the PW was the spot to hang out, for most of the town's adolescents. I love going south of the Mason Dixon. Sweet Tea, and fireworks.